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July 1, 2018

We knew that we had wanted a German Shepherd, but also knew that we wanted one from a reputable breeder that made sure that all of the animals' wellbeing was top of mind and that we were not going to a puppy mill, where the dogs would be abused and neglected.  We had found Wax Haus German Shepherds after doing extensive research, and had finally decided to settle with them after seeing how well the dogs were treated and the high lineage lines from both the males and females. Angela was incredibly responsive and professional in all of our correspondence and answered all of our questions thoroughly before we decided to take the next step in placing a deposit on a girl from their next litter of puppies.  

After they were born, Angela posted regular photo updates of the litter as they grew. Our excitement for our puppy grew as she did! Angela made sure that she asked us what sort of temperament we were looking for in a GSD companion, and after letting her know that we had wanted a mild mannered dog who would love to go on hikes with us, she paired us up with our puppy Maybel.  Maybel is everything that we could ask for in a dog, and has become a close member of our family. She's absolutely gorgeous in her coloring--black, red and tan--and we were pleasantly surprised to see that she was a long-haired GSD. Seriously everytime we go anywhere, people will approach us to let us know that she is stunningly beautiful. She's also intelligent, playful, caring and protective which were all attributes that we were hoping her to have.

Angela was great with getting us set up with our first dog together. I had never had a dog before, but my fiance had. She gave us tips and advice, and also started us out with some Royal Canin German Shepherd puppy food. Angela has been very supportive and helpful after we adopted Maybel.  We highly recommend going to Wax Haus if you are interested in getting a loyal German Shepherd to add to your family! We have since moved to the Pacific Northwest, but still get questions from strangers where we have gotten Maybel. We let them know that she came from here, and though we're now 2,500 miles away that it may still be worth the trip. Thanks, Angela!


    Testimonials From Our Wonderful Wax-Haus Familiesā€‹
We are so blessed to have such amazing, loving families for our beloved Wax-Haus German Shepherds.  Thank you to each and every one of you for caring so deeply for your Wax-Haus pup and sharing all of these wonderful stories with us!  Please keep us updated often & we look forward to growing with you. 

"All these puppy kisses and licks, It's rough doing what we do, but it show's in our reviews."....  Angie from Wax-Haus

July 2, 2018

"Wax-Haus German Shepherd's is a cut above the rest. I followed them on Facebook and their website for over a year before I decided on getting a pup from them. I wanted a dog with a loving and playful personality, one that had interactions with other humans and dog's as they were growing. I got my boy when he was 9-10 weeks old. I have never been disappointed in my choice and could not ask for a better good natured companion! He has the best, easy going personality and gets along great with other dog's. Great care is taken with these four legged companions and I have nothing but praise for the owner/breeder. Thank you for everything to include the ease of sale"

Julie Herrmann



May, 2018

Iā€‹ have been talking to Angie since October. We have anxiously been awaiting our beautiful German Shepherd. My first conversation with her had to be at least two hours long. She was so patient with me and all my questions. Just such a warm person. I automatically knew I was with the right breeder. My husband and I have talked to her numerous times texted her. Always, she has responded to me. I met both Assy and Tabea last night. They both are such love bugs. They love her and I fell hopelessly in love with both. Beautiful dogs well taken care of. These dogs have the most amazing personality. I know they love her because they both just lick her to death. We are so excited to receive our fur baby from her. She is going to be stunning. Angie thank you!

Kristin Soukup, OH