Non-refundable partial payments

Wax-Haus requires a non-refundable partial payment of $500 for your puppy.  Balance of pup is due on take home of your pup, delivery or prior to arranging a mode of transport.  If for any unforeseen reason, a puppy is not available from fetal death, miscarriage, small litter size, skipped cycle, etc., our customers will have the option of transferring non-refundable partial payment to another available litter if possible or a future breeding for up to a year.  Non-refundable partial payments can be made in cash, PayPal, bank to bank transfer, money order/cashier's check or personal check.  Please understand they are for services & costs incurred, if you put a partial payment on a pup and we hold that pup, we may for go another buyer to honor our agreement with you, losing time, advertising costs, services rendered and window of opportunity on another buyer if you back out, increasing the costs & retaining of pup, this is why it is a partial payment and will not be refunded.

*Note With personal or cahier's checks or money orders, pick will not be reserved until funds are clear. 

Health Guarantee

*Pups will be in good health, of sound temperament, up to date all on vaccinations and dewormed when leaving our possession to the best of our knowledge.

*Pup will be free of major communicable diseases such as Parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, etc., for a period of 3 days after date of possession.  Giardia and Coccidia are very common in young pups and will not be included.  We suggest upon your vet visit, you have a fecal test done to catch these common issues so they can be dealt with at that time if they are present.  Also be smart, do not take your pup anywhere outside of your home or yard for 6 months until immunity is built, if you do, you run the risk of exposing your pup to things you cannot see or prevent.  The same caution should be taken upon your veterinary appointments, hold pup, do not place pup on the floors, do not let others pet pup in the clinics or office, minimize exposure to other dogs, or places, many things can be transferred via oral or nasal transfer.  You must be extremely cautious & diligent until your pup is fully immunized & older to protect your pup.  At Wax-Haus, our pups go no where outside our kennel for 6 months & no one comes in contact with our pups except our vet during this time to minimize risk for our pups.  

*Buyer agrees to take their pup to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of possession for a health check, if this is not done, guarantee will be null & void

*On imported pups or older pups sold, not Wax-Haus bred, pup may be returned within 72 hours for a refund less the deposit received.  Buyer will be responsible to arrange and pay for all costs associated with shipping and return pup in the original condition pup was released from Wax-Haus.

*Genetic defects will be covered up to the age of 1 year with proper documentation from a licensed veterinarian and refund will be based upon type and severity of genetic defect or we can offer a replacement pup of comparable value & pedigree. A written diagnosis must be provided by a licensed veterinarian and if needed, a second opinion may be requested from our veterinarian for review with all papers & documentation that may be required.  Wax-Haus reserves the right to also allow our veterinarian to examine, diagnosis or test pup before making final decisions. 

*Decisions concerning replacement pup are at the discretion of Wax-Haus and in the event a replacement pup, Wax-Haus reserves the right to make that selection.

Hip Guarantee

Hip Dysplasia is the abnormal formation of the hip socket.  This can vary in severity, pain, discomfort and immobility.  While every effort is made genetically and environmentally to lower the risk as much as possible, no breeding program can guarantee a pup will not be affected.  Some GSD's that are diagnosed with HD never show symptoms and others that test negative can show symptoms at a later time.  That said, Wax-Haus will honor our hip guarantee for 2 years.  Our customers whom choose to do so, may take pup to an experienced, licensed veterinarian for appropriate films and send into OFA for rating.  If OFA gives a rating of below mild or below, we will offer a replacement pup of equal quality or a refund of half of the purchase price of the pup.  All supporting Xrays, diagnosis and evaluation from OFA must be presented for our veterinarian to review & upon his agreement with findings you may choose to return pup for replacement (less transport) or keep pup with acceptance of half of refund.  Guarantee does not cover arthritis caused by accidents, falls, improper training, poor diet, obesity, environmental conditions, blows to the joints (accidental or otherwise), or overexertion of the pup prior to the 2 year maturity.  If you are taking pup for training, make sure your trainer knows that your pup should stay on the ground during training session until the 2 years for hip & joint formation is complete, we have seen some trainers have pups jump high off the ground, landing on their backs at a young age, this is not good for the skeletal formation of the pup AT ALL!  I would advise veering away from a trainer that exerts this type of work on a pup, they should have knowledge of the breed & the precautions to take when training prior to joint & hip formation being complete.  If a rating from OFA is mild or lower, a written report from the veterinarian who took the films will be requested with weight at time of films, their proficiency at time of taking specific Xrays and any previous injuries recorded for pup.  *NO replacement or refund will be honored without any and all supporting documentation reviewed by our veterinarian.  A second opinion may be requested and must be honored at our veterinarian's requests.  Prelim Xrays taken prior to the 2 years of age are not accepted as proof of defect.

Buyer's agreement with Wax-Haus

As a customer of Wax-Haus, you agree to provide a healthy diet with a quality food to ensure pup maintains a healthy weight and overall health.  You also agree to provide adequate & proper shelter, veterinarian care, personal care and medical attention as needed to ensure the health and well being of your pup.  Pups will not be left uncared for or unkempt outside on a chain.  Food, water & shelter must be provided at all times for your pup, if you ever need suggestions we would be glad to help if possible.

Dogs that are spayed/neutered prior to 1 & 1/2 years of age will void the Wax-Haus guarantee in whole.  Dogs bred before 2 years of age which have not yet received ratings of Fair, Good or Excellent from OFA will void the Wax-Haus guarantee in whole & cannot carry the Wax-Haus name on litters, advertisement or any other form of connections to Wax-Haus.

All of Wax-Haus bred pups must carry the "vom Wax-Haus" surname upon registration, failure to do this voids all guarantees.  Wax-Haus reserves the right to register pups for customers to ensure the proper AKC coverage is given. 

Customer agrees to properly exercise pup and provide continued vaccination schedule along with heartworm preventive care.  Customer also agrees to never abandon pup/dog or surrender to an animal shelter, rehome, gift or adopt out pup, along with any means of changing original ownership, if this happens any & all liability or responsibility of Wax-haus is immediately surrendered with change of ownership under any circumstances, our agreement is with the original buyer of the pup only, to avoid reselling, flipping or scamming of pups.  Pup should be returned to Wax-Haus if possible, if pup cannot be taken back by Wax-haus due to major communicable diseases contacted after customer takes possession of pup, Wax-Haus will not be responsible for these incidents or customers decision to retain pup and provide care. 

The agreement with Wax-Haus will be voided in it's entirety if it is found that the pup/dog has been neglected, mistreated or abused.  Any dog or pup not bred by Wax-Haus and carrying the Wax-Haus name will not be honored by this health guarantee as we cannot verify pedigree's and DNA's.

*By placing non-refundable partial payment, you agree to these terms & conditions.

 **Please be aware that a copy of this guarantee will be kept on all customers for the duration of the said coverage dates. 

 ***Please train your pup or seek training, we recommend a really good book called "How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend" by the Monks of New Skete, to help understand your pup.

This guarantee is designed to protect buyer, Wax-Haus and pup and is in the best interest of all involved.  We sincerely hope the guarantee is viewed as such with all respect & best wishes,

Wax-Haus German Shepherds

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