Exciting new training going on!! 

Top left to right - Trainer Marcus and Sin, Amigo & Beauty

Bottom left to right - Trainer Marcus and Sin, Amigo worked by Marcus with decoy & Marcus with Sin

Puppy Leisure, training & Fun

German Shepherd's love work and doing this through interactive playing is extremely valuable to the health & well being of your dog! **Please, do NOT do this without proper training and trainer.

Wax-Haus is extremely excited to be growing and bringing you the best for your puppy!  We will hopefully be offering dog toys, grooming supplies, training aides and much more!  Quality is important when it comes to your puppy, German Shepherd's need well built toys, that are able to stand up to the demands of teething, interactive play and training!   Stay with us for this developing area & as always, we appreciate our Wax-Haus pack families!!