2X VA1 Yasko vom Farebenspeil

Assy vom Luttjenjan   Assy is our German Import from multiple 2X VA Western German show lines!  This ladies top bloodlines include 2X VA1 Seiger legend Yasko vom Farbenspeil, 2x VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Boll,  2x VA1 Fanto vom Hirschel and her sire is none other VA IPO3 KKl 1, 'a'1, a-normal Xambo vom Suentelstein the son of VA BSZS 2015 World Champion Risco vom Suentelstein!  Assy's Dam is just as impressive; V Tina vom Schaumbergerland, SchH 1, KKl 1, a-normal.  This little lady carries 3 of the top GSD lines in the last 100 years!  As quoted by a top breeder "Her lines are amazing, Farbenspiel, Hirschel and Suentelstein are who's who of Europe dogs"! 

VA BSZS 2015 Risco vom Suenstelstein

Sieger SG1 Rex the Great vom Grunwald Haus 

2X VA1 Fanto vom Hirschel

 2X VA1 Seiger Yasko vom Farbenspiel

"Aslan" Indigo vom Grunwald Haus!!

Welcome our newest TOP male!  Sire is Sieger SG1 Rex the Great vom Grunwald Haus and Dam is Siegerin VP1 Nyx vom Grunwald Haus.  The titles Sieger & Siegerin mean "Winners of the Class" and are awarded at Regional & National Sieger shows!  The quality on our boy Aslan shines through with the multiple V & VA World Champion lines of Farbenspiel, Batu and Fichtenschlag.    Aslan will be our prime stud to our fabulous females below bringing TOP lines to Wax-Haus!

"Brie" Baguette de Domus Didacus  Welcome this lovely lady to Wax-Haus end of November!  Baguette is a Siegerin, winner of her class and the daughter of 2x World Champion VA1'08-09 Vegas du Haut Mansard Schh.3, Kkl.1, HD:(a2), ED:(a1) and her Dam is V SG1(POR) Winnie von Arminius 2000 Schh.1, Kkl.1, HD(a1), ED:(a1).  This little lady has taken SG 2011-2012, #1 Long Coat female in NASS & #2 Long Coat female in USA Sieger Show.  Baguette is an amazing lady & we can't wait for her to bring her stunning quality to our pups at Wax-Haus!

Apple vom Mittelwest  is AKC from multiple VA Western German show lines, daughter of 5xVA1 Sieger Odin vom Mittelwest II Sch 3, Kkl 1, Lbz and Dezi vom Mittelwest Sch 3, Kkl, 1. This lady's lineage also includes  2X VA1 Sieger legend Yasko vom Farbenspiel!  Apple will bring impressive German Import lines to Wax-Haus mating with "Aslan" our newest TOP male above, ensuring the quality of the European Show Lines! 

Siegerin VP1 Nyx vom Grunwald Haus

Vom Wagners Stars in The Night "Saraya" comes from top European Show lines sharing 2X VA1 Seiger legend Yasko vom Farbenspeil and 2X VA1 Sch III Vegas du Haut Mansard, bringing in the 2X VA1 (PH) Wilko vom Fichtenschlag, Mittelwest, Ulamental, Holtkamper and Tronje lines!  This little lady's bloodline is a power house!  We are excited to bring forth some of the top lines by adding her to Wax-Haus!

5xVA 1 Sieger Odin vom Mittelwest II  Sch3 Kkl1