Wax-Haus pups are raised with both parents for the best pack, litter & parent socialization possible, enhancing the overall physical, emotional & developmental well being of your pup.  Pups come with available AKC registration, one round of shots and 3 dewormings.  Please feel free to take a look at our available puppies and welcome to Wax-Haus German Shepherds!  

Our pups are socialized from birth and bred for certain traits that will enhance your choice.  We will be honest about the type of pup you choose, to make sure it's a good fit for you & your family.  There are many types of bloodlines available and not all are suited for everyone.  Matching the pup with the right home is important to us.  The quality of your pup and the well being of your family is what we strive to maintain.  Rest assured, we would not place a pup in your home that we wouldn't have in ours! 

Children that are raised with dogs are stronger emotionally, more outgoing and happier.  The value a forever friend brings to your families health, cannot be measured.  Having dogs teaches children responsibility, caring, patience and a sense of safety that none other can bring.  After a long day in school, with the pressures of life, your child can come home and will always be greeted with unconditional love and support.  As far as your families safety, a good protection GSD can bring you piece of mind even the best security systems cannot.

At Wax-Haus German Shepherds, our pups & dogs are family.  We started breeding out of a deep love & respect for the breed. There are many reasons people want a pup but the love and dedication must be there for your pup to have a forever home.  Our pups and dogs are part of us and rather we are playing with them or they are protecting us, we are family.  I have them personally watching over my children & granddaughter!  German Shepherds are known for protection, with sound temperament, natural instinct and their sheer love for you, they will protect you & your family with their lives. We take care to breed pups that carry on these strong qualities to bring you the best pup we can.