Our Shepherds are family owned & raised from pups to adulthood.  Socialized with friends, family, various handlers and trainers.  Some of our pups are bred for family companions, other for sport and show.  Giving our families a wide range of the type of German Shepherd puppy they would like for their homes & life.  Please feel free to browse our Facebook page and watch our pups grow with their families!  Welcome to Wax-Haus German Shepherds! 

*Please do NOT do this without proper training and trainer

Wax-Haus German Shepherds

We are a family owned breeder in Dayton Ohio.  For over thirty years we have raised German Shepherds.  One of the best companion and protection dogs in the world.  The German Shepherd's intelligence, loyalty and working ability make it a top choice year after year.  They can be found serving our community  as K9 officers with the police, serving with our troops over seas, as service dogs to impaired individuals, herding live stock on farms, guarded protection and companionship for families.  Their skills and abilities make them one of the most universally trained canines in the world. 

Our families, dogs and pups are important to us and while we are constantly striving to improve the breed, your pup and happiness, is our primary goal.  Our families love the "down to earth feel" we have and the close relationship they have with us.  This will not change as we grow, we will strive to maintain the qualities that have made us successful and have endeared so many to us.  This being said, we do feel that we can offer more to our pack families, our dogs and pups and this is what we will be working on this year.  We look forward to growing with you! 

Big changes coming to Wax-Haus German Shepherds!  We are growing in so many ways, evolving for the better of our dogs, pups & families.  We have been asked by customers and approached by trainers to offer a training program.  We will be entering the world of competition & show this year and taking our website to new levels with a major upgrade coming this summer!  We will be working to offer our families top quality products for your dog & pup.  

Family Companion, Protection, Service, Working & Show